Our Heritage

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    From humble roots dating back to 1890 at the San Antonio Sugar Mill, in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, Flor de Caña has grown to be Central America's leading brand of rum. The traditions and the heritage of the company have remained unchanged over the decades. Today the fifth generation of the Pellas family continues to guide the Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua with their commitment to expert craftsmanship, the finest natural ingredients, and the unique
    slow-aging process which sets Flor de Caña rums apart. So go ahead, indulge your taste for history. Savor the Heritage.
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    The first distillery was built at the San Antonio Sugar Mill in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua in 1890. Back then the young rums were the drink of choice for celebrating the the sugar cane harvest, with limited quantities of better tasting "aged" rums reserved for and savored by the proprietors of the mill. Founded by Francisco Alfredo Pellas the company is led today by the Pellas family's fifth generation.
  • heritage-1937


    An independent company is founded within the plantation, Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, was dedicated to producing and marketing rum. So was born the brand Flor de Caña.
  • heritage-1950


    Casa Pellas, which was founded by Don Carlos Francisco Pellas Vivas, begins the commercial distribution of the Slow-Aged Rum in Nicaragua.
  • heritage-1959


    Flor de Caña Slow-Aged Rum is first exported to Central America and Venezuela. The brand is bolstered by the launching of "Etiqueta Negra" (Black Label).
  • heritage-1963


    The production facilities are modernized.
  • heritage-1980


    During the revolutionary years of the 80's, the rums aged patiently and now Flor de Caña proudly claims one of the largest aged rum reserves in the world.
  • heritage-1998


    Attesting to the quality of Flor de Caña Rum, Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua was the first rum producer in the world to obtain ISO 9000 certification of quality. The company has since earned environmentally-friendly ISO 14000, HCAAP and Kosher certifications.
  • heritage-1999


    Rum Marketing International (RUMMI) Ltd. is founded in Miami, Florida to oversee the international expansion of Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua's products. In celebration of the new Millennium Flor de Caña Centenario 21 Commemorative Edition is introduced.
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    "Since the beginning, Flor de Caña has stood for an unwavering commitment to creating the highest quality rums, a commitment that comprises expert craftsmanship, the finest natural ingredients and the unique Slow-Aged method. Now available in over 40 countries, we invite you to discover Flor de Caña Rum and savor the heritage." Carlos Pellas,
    Chairman, CEO
    Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua